Just Out in Sierra Magazine- Outdoor Gear for Winter Nights

If you’re looking how to stay cozy while camping this winter, check out my outdoor gear reviews in Sierra’s latest issue for ...
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Skiing in the Teton Mountains

Skiing in the Teton Mountains The Boston Globe Tuesday, November 13, 2012 By Molly Loomis |  GLOBE CORRESPONDENT DRIGGS, Idaho — The ...
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River Ranger- Job of a Lifetime

Ever dream of being a river ranger? Here’s a piece I did for the Jackson Hole Magazine on David Cernicek ...
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Local, Artisan Cheese YUM!

What’s better than cheese? Teton Valley’s own artisan cheese made from local cows. Yumm. Check out this piece about them ...
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Tyrel “Texas” Mack

Ever want to know how to properly skin a deer? I thought so. Check out this latest article in OutsideOnline. Plus, some ...
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Gyrfalcon Falco rusticolus Utukok River, Alaska  68°44’3.29″ N 161° 3’39.90″W Elevation 484 meters. When Steve, a biologist specializing in Arctic birds, saw the gyrfalcon ...
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Saving Alaska

Here’s an article in E- The Environmental Magazine that I just finished about a place I’m in absolute awe of—Alaska’s ...
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Found: Fretwater

Fretwater Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona:  36° 7’0.11″N 112°13’48.31″W Elevation 821 meters. Ever hear the word “fretwater”? Know what it means? It ...
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Molly Loomis Inc.

The Grand Canyon’s Secret Network

So much more to the Grand Canyon than just the rapids—just had an article come out in the Wall Street Journal all ...
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Northern Revolutions—Up in the Arctic for Sierra

Check out this piece just out in Sierra magazine about Robert Thompson’s work:
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