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Charging grizzlies? Hiking 300 miles through leech-infested jungles? Hunting with eagles? Winding through Mount Everest’s Khumbu Icefall? Weaving with pygmy women? Hanging under a helicopter by rope? Wilderness Medicine practitioner and spinal cord patient? Learning life-changing lessons from the land and all its wild things?

A longtime mountain guide, outdoor educator, climbing ranger and rescue specialist, Molly’s experiences exploring remote mountain ranges around the world, combined with a Masters in Environmental Management, teaching, and medical certifications, lends a perspective and expertise that is undeniably different.

Blending action and introspection, Molly is just as curious and content on the sharp end, as she is engaging with wildlands, their human and non-human occupants, and the intersections of health, conservation, and recreation.

Molly’s writing and photography has appeared in over 50 different publications including Outside, National Geographic, Smithsonian, Sierra, and Discover. She is the co-author of the popular book Climbing: Self Rescue, along with pieces in multiple anthologies.

Molly Loomis Ink

An engaging storyteller and teacher, Molly regularly provides presentations, workshops, and editorial services to writers of all ages and abilities. She is passionate about connecting others with the wild while igniting curiosity, understanding and advocacy through the power of stories.

Molly is currently at work on a book about Everest ER and editing health and environment publications for Yale and Harvard universities.