Workshops & Teaching

“Thank you Molly for offering an amazing webinar today. Talk about wide-ranging and intriguing! You left me excited and delighted at a time when that is very unusual!” -Peyton Curlee Griffin, Educator & Ecologist

Molly is passionate about teaching, collaborating, and learning with others through workshop and teaching opportunities. Her experiential and creative style is informed by decades teaching in the outdoors and current pedological approaches as studied through a Certificate in College Teaching Preparation from Yale’s Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning.

Molly has taught at numerous conferences, festivals, workshops, and on a regular basis in local school programs. Most recently, she was a guest instructor at Yale’s School of the Environment and this summer Molly will be working with the Jackson Hole Writer’s Conference.

Molly is thrilled to connect with writers of all ages, and holds a special place for working with children, teens, elders, Spanish speakers, English Language Learners, and those facing accessibility challenges.

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Recent workshops include:

  • Making Sense: Turning Academic Projects into Popular Writing
  • Sense of Place
  • Scientific Writing for Non-Scholars
  • Rewriting the Wild
  • Writing Home: A Workshop for English Language Learners and Their Teachers
  • AccessABLE Adventurista
  • Perception and Values—The Impact of Our Story on Our Stories