Op Ed in Teton Valley News-Economics and Education

Here’s an Op Ed I wrote that appeared last week in one of our local papers, The Teton Valley News about the link between good economic health and good education.

“Lately there’s lots of buzz about economic development in Teton Valley—it’s exciting, invigorating and the efforts are much appreciated. But, one critical element seems to be missing from the dialogue—the undeniable link between a community’s economic health and the quality of schools. 

As a kid, I moved a lot and each time good public schools were at the top of my parent’s shopping list. Even last year, as my parents moved yet again, one of their primary criteria was a home located in a good school district. No, in their 60s they weren’t planning on having another kid, but they did recognize how the quality of schools directly affects a home’s resale value…”

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