A Bird


Gyrfalcon Falco rusticolus Utukok River, Alaska  68°44’3.29″ N 161° 3’39.90″W Elevation 484 meters. When Steve, a biologist specializing in Arctic birds, saw the gyrfalcon ...
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Aerial View of the Area

Found: Fretwater

Fretwater Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona:  36° 7’0.11″N 112°13’48.31″W Elevation 821 meters. Ever hear the word “fretwater”? Know what it means? It ...
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A Man Sitting by the Railings

Found: Otter Body Experience

Lontra canadensis   Prince Albert National Park, Canada: 53°58’44.39″N 106°17’22.43″W  Elevation 533 meters This past September, as the sun set ...
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A Snowy Field

Found: Trumpet of the Swan

Trumpet of the Swan Cygnus buccinator Harriman State Park: 44° 20’09.97” N 111°28’01.52” W Elevation 1869 meters “Those who spot trumpeter ...
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A Broken Trunk

Found: The Beav

Beaver Castor canadensis Moose Creek Canyon; 43° 34’07.11” N 111° 04’10.48” W Elevation 1990 meters “Mamaaaa! The Lorax!” Zoe’s scream’s interrupted ...
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A Black Dog

A Natural History of Everyday Things —Wapiti

This is a new aspect of my blog called Found: The Natural History of Everyday Things. It’s a weekly installment ...
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A Horn and a Shell

Found: The Natural History of Everyday Things — Blue

A Blue Mussel with what my Mom Calls Helmet Shells This is a new aspect of my blog called Found: ...
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