Arctic Article In Mountain Magazine

The Arctic is one of my favorite places on the planet- magical, surreal and vast. Here’s an article that came out in a past issue of Mountain Magazine about a trip to the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska that I was on with a crew of scientists from the Wildlife Conservation Society. Thanks Patrick Endres for the beautiful photography.

“I hear the bleating as our raft rounds a long lazy bend in the Utukok River. The distressed, desperate call comes from a baby caribou stranded on a small rock island midstream. Seated next to me is Joel Berger, a wildlife biologist. He estimates the calf is three days old. The cloudless sky is busy with ravens soaring in concentric circles. A sign of carrion. On the far bank we spot the white rump of a caribou cow racing through the tundra. And then another. Berger guesses a calf has been killed and a predator has separated the bleating calf from its mom. To distract the unseen predator, the cows spring up and down in the willows like Whack-A-Moles. I fight back a wild urge to save the calf, to smuggle it out on the raft. Finally, guided by instinct to survive, the calf quiets itself and curls up, camouflaged in the tawny cobbles. We float on…”